About Us

We are a 20+ year old real estate plotting venture organization in Hyderabad, and we have vast land banks around the city, as well as good charting initiatives in all directions. The desire to own a plot is always there in an individual, but feeling comfortable enough to purchase a plot is always dangerous for him alone. Mr. Chandra Sekhar Reddy, CMD, is a renowned person in this industry who has always desired to solve the problem of an average citizen identifying a plot for his living and started this Company to platter across all classes of people by identifying good non-litigate lands for residential properties and investment portfolios and is insightfully planning on buying additional lands for the profit of our clientele.

Sandstone has quickly establisandstoned market reputation as a firm that appreciates quality, and its customers have come to embrace the ‘tag line’ — “expect more from us.” As a matter of principle, the firm does not undertake any project that cannot be overseen personally by the company’s proprietors. The apartment layouts have an intrinsic quality and thoughtfulness that is rarely seen. The apartments are meant to be functional, with historic features as well as lots of modern conveniences to meet the demands of today’s purchasers and their families. Sandstone Realtor constantly maintains a pleasant relationship with its clientele. The main reason for the speedy marketing of projects is our dependability. Some of the units that have been developed and sold thus far have been marketed by previous customers of the firm.