The Project matches your view and nature and this is absolutely  beautiful project for you. Everybody likes the nature no doubt about that and when you are enjoying and loving  nature that will be more beautiful,  Just Imagine when you have the greenery and open space outside your villa then that makes life more beautiful. This project creates a welcome atmosphere of to being health and happy and where beautiful nature invites you to play with your family in the expansive garden and you can slouch and get relax there on seeing beautiful birds passing and enjoying cool breeze.

Sandstone makes your life more beautiful and it’s not easy to put dream in to reality but we will make it happen. We will help you cases and in all aspects and our experienced professional supports you all the time.
This Project covers all the Major areas nearby like Maheshwari Medical Collge, Gitam University , Hospitals , Schools , Restaurants etc.,

Everybody likes to have their living in pollution free zone and well this project is right choice for you to enjoy the beauty of nature.

In the 6.3 acres of project you will find fantastic locations and makes eye feast for you and majorly you can have healthy living with your family. And for the economy bank loan facility is available so can fulfil your dream.
Good to see you living in healthy atmosphere and enjoying nature with family that will be more beautiful for life.

We are dream makers and we strive hard to fulfill your dream in to reality so get in to tangible with sandstone and make your imagination to real.

And Project layout is fenced and sealed and you can have healthy ground water, Underground drainage system and the area is completely pollution free.

As a market leaders in industry we are here to support in all aspects to fulfill your dream and for your health living. And you can have life more beautiful with Sandstone.

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